Story Time:

Josh Planz was born and raised in East Hampton, New York.  At an early age, Josh took advantage of all the benefits of a community rich in art with the help of his grandfather Allen Planz, a world renown poet.  His mother helped shape his tendency for the theatrics with an early acting career including his induction into the Screen Actors Guild at the age of 7, and long list of theater and commercial work.  

Flash forward, Josh received his MFA degree in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts in 2013, and since then his work has been featured in the Creators Project, Sploid, and Siggraph Asia and Slamdance.  Josh now freelances at various studios around New York, as well as teaching 3D animation, motion graphics and VFX composting at the School of Visual Arts.  He still makes sure to find time to work on passion projects, and collaborative work.


  • Maya: Advanced
  • Nuke: Advanced
  • ZBrush: Advanced
  • Mudbox: Advanced
  • Adobe Creative Suit: Advanced
  • Quixel Suite: Intermediate
  • Substance Suite: Intermediate
  • Marvelous Designer: Intermediate
  • Ornatrix: Intermediate
  • Axis Neuron: Intermediate
  • Optitrack Motive: Intermediate
  • Realflow: Basic
  • Mari: Basic


  • V-Ray: Advanced
  • Keyshot: Advanced
  • Arnold: Intermediate
  • Redshift: Intermediate
  • Octane: Basic



Bloop - 2015 3D short film.  

Zerogon - 2014 3D / live action short film. Director; lead a crew of 10 while creating all 3D assets for the film.

Dynamis - 2013 - MFA Computer Art School of Visual Arts Thesis

The Dogs -2011 - Undergrad Thesis Film



2011-2013 - MFA Computer Art                               School of Visual Arts
2008-2011 - BS Digital Media and Animation       Alfred State College